About Us

We believe that disciplined management makes the difference

Who we are

Together we got more than 100 years of experience ;P

We are an informal group of high-tech companies employees and consultants who want to exchange ideas about business, strategy and governance. Some time ago we discovered, that we love to meet and discuss challenges we face and that we can benefit from such discussions - simply learning from each other. Since we are quite busy people (and who is not these days!) its just seems to be more effective to gain knowledge by exchanging experiences and theories

Our goal

To record and build on our experience

Since we build strategies, participate in exiting transformation and organizational projects, we decided create a place to catalog our thoughts and observations. Of course, we will not name any company or particular project, but we feel like we need to gather and catalog thoughts in a way to easily share and learn from each other, but also - to come back to own ideas and experience whenever we need it. In other words - we enthusiastic about our work and we believe that we have some valuable things to share!