IT Operating Model

posted 3.25.2017

This section presents an approach of organizing Information Technologies decision taking and management processes. Complete approach should cover all decision bodies influencing development and usage of information technologies (e.g. Controlling unit or Post Investment Review). The section is organized according to IT engagement model developed by Center for Information Systems Research at Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is a really solid input for (re-) building IT management practices in your organization.

The scope to consider when you think about managing Information Technologies consists of three elements (following MIT CISR IT Engagement Model):

  • Companywide IT governance to provide business units with common goals and rules for how to use information technologies
  • IT decisions implementation assurance mechanism to ensure that operational processes’ decisions are connected to higher-level goals
  • IT Services Delivery and Provisioning processes that ensure that each IT service meets local objectives and is developed on time and within budget

The above list represents pragmatic view - you can use it to structure your thinking and split the task into an action plan: "Who can make which decision - is it clear for everyone?", "How we can be sure, that those decisions are really respected?" and finally "Are our IT services delivered in an efficient manner?". We must not concentrate on the last as it is a natural consequence of previous two.

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