IT Strategic Alignment

posted 1.5.2017

Create a company-wide mechanism (covering business and IT organizations) assuring strategic alignment of information technologies investments.

In particular, in the case of collision of goals – the mechanism should cover process of transparent decision-making and redefinition of strategic goals. This mechanism must protect the IT architecture long-term. It should put company-wide value against the onslaught of local, short-term business objectives. The mechanism must take into account the effective procedure of reconciliation of deviations from the target architecture (follow up on dispensation decision).


Investments in information technologies should primarily focus on the realization of company strategy. But if we decide to fulfill one goal at the expense of another, such decision should be transparent and the targets of the second goal should be appropriately adjusted. For example, if we decide to sacrifice the "Cheap IT" objective by allowing complex bespoke solutions in standardized area, such decision should be transparent and the "Cheap IT" goal should be modified accordingly.

The mechanism is also needed in order to ensure consistency between short-term operational objectives and implementation of long-term strategic goals (no competition for resources, no benefits cannibalization, etc.). The mechanism should include budget planning processes to ensure the allocation of resources to strategic goals adequate to their importance to the company.

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