IT technologies decisions

posted 12.2.2016

Create formal mechanisms for deciding on technologies used in the company. This process is present in almost all companies so there's no need to go into much detials here - just notice, that not only selection process of technologies or systems should be covered, but also technology research and technology adoption processes.


Diversity of technologies should be carefully managed. Obviously it has a direct impact on licenses cost (the more systems are there - often overlapping in functionality - the higher total cost). What is less obvoius, is that this diversity drives costs of maintenance and development. It also creates a need to build (and maintain) competences. In addition, sometimes we might be surprised by the fact that the maintenance of some technology ends up or by significant change of costs of using particular technology (e.g. due to acquisition of editor company).

Secondly, nowadays technologies are changing very quickly. What yesterday was expensive and we needed to build it by ourselves, today it is cheap and available in the cloud. Digital company should keep up with the current capabilities of IT technologies and carefully use the opportunity to standardize bespoke solutions.

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